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Whats Your Texture ?

All Texture is Good Texture. What do you think of when you describe your hair? Do you love it or are you frustrated with it? It is our goal at Noble Strength to help you understand your tresses and to assist you in the proper technique and selection of products that will help your hair to be its most healthy self which brings about more  appreciation for the texture that is your own.

All hair can be managed., but all textures can not be treated alike and expected to yield the same results. So take a look around; we are sure you will walk away with valuable information that will help you to find your texture strength.

Assistants & Booth Renter

Assistants & Booth Renter

Interested in joining the Noble Strength Team. Click the ad to the right to view the official announcement of expanding our salon personnel.


All seriously interested inquiries should be sent to

ATTN: Audrey @ along with the following...

  1. Name & Contact Number 

  2. Work History / Resume

  3. Portfolio

  4. Facebook & Instagram Social Media Handles 

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Getting to Know the Founder
Basic Hair Maintenance 
New Luxury Extension Line


In 2003 she began to attend the world natural hair show in Atlanta Ga., to gain more education about natural hair care and braid techniques.  Audrey was totally inspired seeing culturally different styles that were natural, or “locked up”. She was the first stylist to bring the two strand twist extensions to the Augusta area. Audrey was crowned the “twist queen” and clients from Atlanta, South Carolina, and surrounding areas, came to her just for twist extensions.


Not only do you need great technique, but you need great product as well. Click below to read more about the product lines that are used at Noble Strength to gain the results that promote healthy, beautiful hair that turns heads.

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The newest luxury line of pure unprocessed virgin hair. headquartered in Augusta, GA Be Free Luxury hair line enhances natural beauty and promotes confidence in women of all ethnic backgrounds. Click to find more information about the texture that fits your needs.

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